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2019-06-05 08:05:50 | Profile
He never tried in the first place

Roni Delaney

2019-05-02 08:34:23 | Profile
The unsatisfying fact of them not having 1m subscribers kills me .

Nicolai Linker

2019-02-05 13:09:05 | Profile
I went to a concert and he played this song and wow it was a great experience


2018-12-15 19:29:41 | Profile
Came here from mirikaa

Igor d'agostino

2018-11-30 08:12:59 | Profile
All the pain, all the feelings, all the reactions, of all of you, I can feel.Many are disappointed with their own lives, judgments, uncertainties and doubts. But never forget, God is with us, we are not alone. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.Life is made of moments, good times and bad times. Sometimes it is necessary to go down one step to climb two. Being rich, being poor, it does not matter because we will not take anything from this life, but we can leave the knowledge, we can leave the love, that is what I want for you. My English is limited but I hope that all of you have understood the message.Peace from Brasil.

Kaingakau Puru

2018-11-29 03:08:15 | Profile
By the time you thumb my up its 2019

Elijah Bobija

2018-11-26 18:34:54 | Profile
One like per day .This should go one coz this song will never die down in a million years

sera newton

2018-11-24 14:30:29 | Profile
No one cares when your listening to this...

Iam Yours

2018-11-22 08:20:54 | Profile
I miss you so much millie You kept me strong Xxxx


2018-11-21 13:18:52 | Profile
Listening to this aftet the Anchorage earthquake


2018-11-20 12:16:15 | Profile
I am noone...who I can help if I am renegate???