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Denis Lubret

2020-02-18 19:33:12 | Profile
Gets in a scuffle. Still has perfect hair afterwards

David Gunning

2019-11-17 23:25:06 | Profile
The fight my best part idk why

Shelda Dudley

2019-11-10 07:47:58 | Profile
The memories this brings me and my unty she was 19 when this came out I was 9 we were listening to this and smiling now I’m 12 and let her listen to this she smiled and then we hugged

Blittz EU

2019-11-09 07:37:05 | Profile
Who still listening to this in November 2019?

Patrick Hulley

2019-10-07 01:28:01 | Profile
So I’m there with my drunk BFF and she is like omfg he is so f***ing hot and I look at her like damn sis let’s just enjoy the song

Jazlyn Antonina

2019-10-06 23:16:47 | Profile
this reminds me of the time i was getting dropped off at my moms and my dad was drunk and got into a fight with the people that lived below us and then he got punched so hard his fake and real teeth fell out and i had to watch him get taken away by the ambulance

Marcelo Yo

2019-10-06 07:29:05 | Profile
This video gives me chills.