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1 One Day Baby - I Will Wait, I Will Wait for You 256 04:35


Dustin D.

2020-02-21 08:32:17 | Profile
She is trying so hard to be Lisa Loeb!!

GA guidafros

2019-11-16 07:59:50 | Profile
How did this happen, I’ve listened to this song on loop... I’m not even a fan

IN Your Hand

2019-11-13 19:02:01 | Profile
Cause we are all furries

Lord Monokelhans

2019-10-29 13:53:30 | Profile
you still there? ♥

Joel Karschner

2019-10-29 10:43:31 | Profile
Does Tay actually need glasses?


2019-10-25 21:07:39 | Profile
firs and foremost Taylor women cheat as well and second of all 8s 90 early 2000s best music ever

Léo Comedy

2019-10-17 22:44:32 | Profile
can we talk about how i learned that mr tumnus from narnia was actually James McAvoy because I thought mr Tumnus was the goat at the back of the pick up in this mv

Omnibus Prime

2019-10-02 05:17:53 | Profile
Omg i was freaking 10 years old when this came out and I remember this was my favorite song