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Mulenga Chomba

2019-11-13 09:36:37
ah chikali ichi

2p wizzy

2019-11-05 11:25:33
a hit is a hit

Jackie jey

2019-11-03 05:41:36


2019-11-02 15:09:28
It is really really touching.

karbo jaja

2019-11-01 17:11:28
I love it

Sophie Mwandingi

2019-10-19 16:36:38
Baba wa shariffah come through I so love it... old school song

misheck mwale

2019-10-11 06:22:07
Long time I like it so much


2019-10-08 05:06:06
So lovable


2019-10-08 04:35:11
So lovable

kambazako MBEWE

2019-10-03 16:53:05
This song orders my soul.


2019-09-30 14:44:07
I love it

Víķā Łéø

2019-09-21 16:29:57 | Profile
despues de todo , se veian geniales haciendo el playback en sus temas, los milli vanilli , chevere su musica me gusta.


2019-09-20 03:20:03

Enrique Samuel

2019-09-17 03:16:14
I never get tired to listen to this song I just love it


2019-09-05 18:34:08
I love this song so much words can't describe, I feel loved & young over and over when ever I play this great song

Nitlas Morake

2019-09-01 17:24:34
It's real Milli Vanilli

Sakaria muyeu

2019-09-01 14:58:42
Milli vanilli

Rizal Ilbert

2019-08-28 07:42:20
My song when I was at high school

Rizal Ilbert

2019-08-28 07:40:26
My song when I was at high school

Asanda tshezi

2019-08-18 16:05:17
This song is a blessing to me.. You nailed it milli just keep up the great work

Reah Tjatja

2019-08-18 05:12:15
Love is indeed a beautiful thing..

Puleng Malahlela

2019-08-07 23:34:36
Yes i really know the singer of this beautiful song it makes me thinking back to school

Emmin pasha

2019-08-07 18:55:16
it's such a nice old time classics by mills vanilla .


2019-07-29 05:04:10
absolutely love song

Milli vanilli

2019-07-25 11:43:59
It iş a nice song

Allan Furtado

2019-07-15 00:35:10 | Profile
Love this song just wish they were singing

Smith Moore mj

2019-07-04 04:13:59
Very nice I love it


2019-06-30 09:23:31
bring s back memories of secondary school life

James Eberlein

2019-03-24 20:37:18 | Profile
So who is really singing?

sonic 2004

2018-11-25 15:59:05 | Profile
This is when Colleen Merle Roberts put a spell on me - 1989!


2018-11-14 08:23:39 | Profile
My mother was the voice.She was old and this was without the teeth


2018-10-08 02:26:17 | Profile
Classic.. real love songs.. not ashamed to say it..!! Who love this song??

Babe Quin

2018-09-22 01:35:44 | Profile
Does anyone know what the original singers of this song are?