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# Song Bitrate Length
1 Alessia Cara - Girl Next Door 256 04:42
2 Alessia Cara - Not Today 320 03:08
3 Alessia Cara - Trust My Lonely 256 03:26
4 Alessia Cara - Growing Pains 320 03:44
5 Alessia Cara - Easier Said 320 03:33
6 Alessia Cara - Wherever I Live 256 04:03
7 Alessia Cara - Out Of Love 320 03:42
8 Alessia Cara - Comfortable 192 03:46
9 Alessia Cara - My Kind 320 03:55
10 Alessia Cara - Growing Pains (Reprise) 320 04:22
11 Alessia Cara - I Don't Want To 320 03:32
12 Alessia Cara - Nintendo Game 256 03:29
13 Alessia Cara - All We Know 320 04:03
14 Alessia Cara - A Little More 256 03:46


angel records

2020-01-20 03:12:26 | Profile
can I just say that this album cover is so so pretty

The Wilson Team

2018-12-01 07:32:13 | Profile
The Almighty God made a creature, Adam, then came Eve. Both of the creatures are homo sapiens and both need The Almighty Christ, because this life is fleeting, meaning compared to eternity, it is as far as we can blow across our hand. Not that long. Get right with Christ, He loves you <3

Frost Bite

2018-11-30 19:26:46 | Profile
Who else agrees that 7 Days is a more expanded version of 4 Pink Walls? Do yall hear the similarities?

Jahari Lenoir1

2018-11-26 17:05:53 | Profile
This queen! Oh god how can she be so damn good!?

Ess Guy!

2018-11-23 09:44:32 | Profile
I love how mellow it is when it jabs at the concept of the word "celebrity" and how time is a universal thing we take for granted.

Mia Cabrera

2018-11-22 02:59:02 | Profile
this song is the realest shit

Akhila Prasad

2018-11-12 20:50:43 | Profile
this song just made me realize that asking god questions is okay. i was always scared to do that but you gave me the courage to change how i talk to god and how i read and study the bible and also how i see pretty much everything. i love this song. i love the beat abd the lyrics and just the runs are amazing. i love this song. i know you said september but im glad it wasnt until the end of november that this album came out. im glad you kept me waiting the way you did. thank you for this song and thank you for your honesty and talent. i love you.